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Task Force kick-off meeting

05/03/2018 in Brussels

On the 5th of March the official kick-off meeting of the Task Force will take place in Brussels.

Here is our Agenda:

1. Morning.
• The morning will consist of an internal meeting between the members of the Task Force to create a united front with which to move the taskforce forward.
• The New Head of Unit from the Commission is interested will see how far the projects have reached and as a result, all projects will be given a maximum of 10 minutes to make a pitch about the projects.
• The Commission will set up a working agenda for the upcoming month between the thematic group and the projects in an effort to get a clear picture where the Task Force is headed.
• There will be group meetings and then bilateral meetings of between 5 – 10 minutes as time allows.

2. Afternoon.
• The agenda for the afternoon will be dictated by the EEN.
• The afternoon will comprise of an engagement with the EEN Thematic Group on Procurement.
• The projects will prepare shorter presentations to make that afternoon to the Thematic Group on Public Procurement.

By joining forces the 4 projects will enhance their capacities of supporting SMEs in accessing public procurement at a broad EU level.


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