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Task Force for enhancing access of SMEs to public procurement

EU projects IPPON, PPACT, SESAM and TENDERIO join forces

4 Pilot projects, Tenderio (, PPACT (, SESAM ( and IPPON have the same goal, which is to Help SMEs to improve their access to public procurement.
Therefore it would be beneficial to all parties to exchange regularly information on the feedback received and lessons learned in the matter of SMEs' access to public procurement.
For this reason, a Task Forcethat could meet once a month via telco will be established in order to discuss the most pertinent issues.

Here is the first Agenda of the topics to be addressed:

o Risk perception that public entities have, when considering to grant a tender to an SME. It will be interesting to explore possible mechanisms of risk management for public entities (e.g. a cascade system) that can ensure the continuity of the service provided by the SMEs.
o Analysis of possible methodologies that would enable SME participation in larger call for tenders.
o With regards to cross-border tendering, Enterprise Europe Network can be part of the solution as there are already many services provided by the network to help SMEs in the area of public procurement. As a result, it is of interest to link our Task Force with the network's thematic group in public procurement (TG PP).


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